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We are a distributor based in Canada with our range focused on bringing energy saving solutions to businesses. Based out of BC we work with major manufacturers to ensure the products we offer are suitable and have the relevant certification for the Canadian market. Our current range offers energy saving solutions for lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration along with a range of energy efficient LED light boxes in a selection of frames. Here is a quick overview:

We are pleased to offer the energy saving products from Coolnomix, including solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The AC-01 unit for air conditioning not only achieves average energy savings of 40%, but also improves room temperature stability. The AR-01 unit for refrigeration achieves average savings of 30%, increases temperature stability and eliminates icing thereby removing the need for de-icing cycles

LED Light Boxes

We offer a range of LED light boxes, including 2 different snap frames, a magnet frame and frameless units from stock in a selection of sizes. These units all incorporate the latest technology in the industry to make you advertising and images stand out and grab your customers attention.


If you have any questions or would just like some further details on any or our products please contact us at:

E-mail: sales@essproducts.ca

Phone: 1-604-966-6004

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